LEGO® Ideas Dinosaur Fossils 21320


Step back to a time millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth with this awesome LEGO® Ideas Dinosaur Fossils set! Learn while you build your own 1:32 scale models of Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon skeletons. The iconic T. rex could grow up to 13-meters long and run at speeds up to 20km/hr; the Triceratops weighed in at a huge 5-8 tons and had a distinctive 3-horned face; and completing this collection is the Pteranodon, a flying reptile whose wing span could exceed 5 meters! Each LEGO brick model of their skeletons is adjustable to create ferocious poses and comes with a display stand so you can showcase them all together in your own LEGO natural history museum. A great collectible for all dinosaur fans, the set also includes a sapiens skeleton figure with a display stand, plus a paleontologist minifigure with fun accessories for creative role-play.

  • A wonderfully detailed dinosaur fossils set featuring buildable, posable, 1:32 scale toy models of Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon skeletons, each with display stands to create LEGO® style natural history museum exhibits.
  • Also includes a sapiens skeleton figure with a display stand, and a paleontologist toy minifigure with a buildable crate, plus dinosaur egg, bone, hat and book elements for creative role-play.
  • This collectible LEGO® Ideas dinosaur toy set includes 910 pieces for an immersive, rewarding building experience.
  • New to LEGO® building? Don’t worry. This paleontologist kit comes with a booklet featuring easy-to-follow building instructions, fascinating facts about the Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon, and information about the set's fan creator and LEGO designer.
  • Makes a wonderful paleontologist gift toy for LEGO® builders aged 16+ and anyone with a passion for natural history and dinosaurs.
  • The pterosaur and dinosaur skeleton toy models make an eye-catching display. The T. rex toy skeleton is the biggest of the 3, measuring over 7” (20cm) tall and 15” (40cm) long.

Ages: 16+

Pieces: 910

Item# 21320

Warning choking hazard not suitable for children 0 - 3 years